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To Make a Donation to The Focus Foundation, please visit our website at: Or send your tax-deductible check to: The Focus Foundation 820 W Central Ave. #190 Davidsonville, MD 21035 Check out our blog: Follow us on twitter: @FocusOnDeXY
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The Focus Foundation2 days ago
The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo has finally begun on July 23, 2021! The Focus Foundation shared some history, fun facts, and activities about the Olympics. Learn more.

#TheFocusFoundation #Blog #TokyoOlympics2020
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The Focus Foundation1 week ago
We would like to take a moment to wish a very happy belated birthday to a very familiar face, our Clinical Specialist, Liz! 🎈

We love Liz for so many reasons, but did you know that she is a mother of 2, has lived in Greece, France, and Portugal, AND adopts pregnant cats and brings them home so they can give birth comfortably in her home?

Happy birthday, Liz! We are so lucky to have you!
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The Focus Foundation2 weeks ago
Have a fun National Ice Cream Day 🍦 and National Ice Cream Month! 🍨 Celebrate with The Focus Foundation's delicious recipes, fun facts, and some fun books to read. Learn more. ⤵

#thefocusfoundation #blog #nationalicecreamday #nationalicecreammonth #focusonxys
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The Focus Foundation3 weeks ago
July is National Picnic Month! The Focus Foundation shares some great treat ideas and activity tips to have a fun 🧸 Teddy Bear picnic this summer! Read more.

#blog #thefocusfoundation #nationalpicnicmonth #teddybearpicnic
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The Focus Foundation4 weeks ago
Wishing all of our Focus Families far and wide a wonderful and happy 4th of July with friends and family!
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The Focus Foundation4 weeks ago
Methylation can change the activity of DNA segment without changing the sequence, so it helps genes act appropriately. DNA carries genetic instructions in all living organisms and is essential for cell growth.

So how does methylation affect behavior when considered in our boys with X & Y chromosomal variations?

This newest publication from Dr. Sprouse's team was 4 years in the making and takes a look at DNA methylation and behavioral dysfunction. Even better, this article has been released in its entirety to the public. To access the article, please access this link:
2 months ago
Early Hormonal Treatment (EHT) is treatment for boys with 47,XXY who are between the ages of 4 months and 12 months ideally.
2 months ago
Although physicians are taught that genetic abnormalities typically impact on a child’s neurodevelopmental progression, practitioners often receive insufficient information about X and Y chromosomal disorders or information may be outdated or inaccurate.
2 months ago
Symptoms of dyspraxia vary and may include poor balance and coordination, clumsiness, bad vision, perception hardships, emotional challenges and more.
2 months ago
Did you know that social anxiety is common with speech and language disorders? Hormonal Booster Treatment has been shown to possibly improve working memory and executive functioning and reduce anxiety. #MayAwareness
2 months ago
Did you know? Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects children and adults and interferes with practically all aspects of the writing process.
3 months ago
Dr. Sprouse and Dr. Gropman will be LIVE on our Facebook page today at 4pm EST! Taking all your questions for #MythBusterMay!