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The Focus Foundation

To Make a Donation to The Focus Foundation, please visit our website at: Or send your tax-deductible check to: The Focus Foundation 820 W Central Ave. #190 Davidsonville, MD 21035 Check out our blog: Follow us on twitter: @FocusOnDeXY
The Focus Foundation
The Focus Foundation13 hours ago
Happy Independence Day from The Focus Foundation. We hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July spending time with family and friends! 🎆#IndependenceDay #4thofJuly
The Focus Foundation
The Focus Foundation4 days ago
Imagine sitting across from the genetics doctor as he tells you that your son has a chromosomal issue called Klinefelter’s Syndrome followed by “Here is a card to a local support group (local being 3 hours away) and do NOT GOOGLE the diagnosis, escorting you and your family out with more questions than answers.

That is exactly what happened to our family. When you imagine the middle of no where, that’s where we live. Not quite like the western movies but the nearest genetics specialist and endocrinologist are at least 45 minutes away.

I’m really not sure how our paths met with Dr. Sprouse other than desperate for answers I found an online Facebook group and Dr. Sprouse reached out and said something along the lines of “hey let’s talk about this Klinefelter Syndrome, when can you come to Maryland?”

I’ll be honest I hated filling out form after form of saying “no, my son can’t do this or that”. I felt like I was failing as a parent even though my daughter was thriving just fine at the time” I was in tears because I found someone who could light the way ahead by providing the research and resources I needed to help my son.

The first time I meet Dr. Sprouse in person I was intimidated, she was direct and to the point. I remember looking at one of the team members and saying “is she always this way” to which they replied, “huh? Oh nope she’s not being rude, there is just so much to cover and so little time in the two days you are here in person."

Our family has received several scholarships over the years and I wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU and the Focus Foundation Sponsors. Without it, my family would not have the tools necessary to provide the supports the kids need to not only reach their full potential but to thrive!

I guess what I’m really wanting to say is thank you to all of you and what this team does to help families like ours. Without your hard work and dedication my kids wouldn’t be where they are today! Kristi Pickell (Parent) #thefocusfoundation #klinefelters
The Focus Foundation
The Focus Foundation6 days ago
June 29th = National Camera Day 📷
We would love for you to take a selfie 📷 with your kiddos and show us what you have been up to this summer as we continue our summer bonanza 🌞🎉Post in the comments below ⬇ #NationalCameraDay #TheFocusFoundation
The Focus Foundation
The Focus Foundation2 weeks ago
Congratulations to the entire team at The Focus Foundation. 🎉🎉The printed journal issue which includes your article titled A Longitudinal Perspective of Hormonal Replacement Therapies (HRT) on Neuromotor Capabilities in Males with 47,XXY (Klinefelter Syndrome) in the journal Genetics in Medicine, has been dispatched to subscribers. Check it out! ⬇#geneticsinmedicine #klinefeltersyndrome #thefocusfoundaion
The Focus Foundation
The Focus Foundation2 weeks ago
June 23rd = National Pink Day!! 💗💗💗
Let's continue our summer selfie bonanza!⛱️ We would love for you to take a selfie 📸 with your kiddos in pink and post in the comments below ⬇ for this special day! Fun Fact: As you might imagine, today is a day to celebrate the meaning, history, and beauty of the pale shade of red. #NationalPinkDay #TheFocusFoundation
The Focus Foundation
The Focus Foundation2 weeks ago
June 21st = National #SelfieDay!! 🤳🏽

Let's kick off summer ⛱️ with a selfie bonanza! Parents and followers of @thefocusfoundation we would love for you to take a selfie 📸 with your kiddos so we can repost it on our social media + add a gallery of X & Y Chromosomal Variation success story selfie photos to our website. Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents' selfies are also welcome!!

Snap, Post, and Comment with your photos below! 👇🏽

#XYChromosomalVariationDisorders #research #awareness #treatment #recovery #klinefelter #47XXY

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The Focus Foundation has been following this rockstar with 47,XYY since he was two years old, and when Connor came in for his annual testing this week, he shared a heartfelt surprise with us. When Connor was eight years old, he was ecstatic to find a stuffed animal of Crush the FocusOnDeXY photo
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