XY Variations products
XY Variations products

Educational Products, Tools, & Techniques


A Sound Activated Vestibular-Visual Protocol for Moving, Looking & Listening. Created by an occupational therapist and written for therapists who understand the principles of sensory integration and specialize in the treatment of Sensory Processing Dysfunction.


This manufacturer creates products that emerge from the human factors engineering research and development activities of AnthroTronix, Inc. Cosmo’s Learning Systems is an interactive learning system. It has a specialized computer input device, Mission Control, that was specially developed to be accessible to children with and without disabilities. Cosmo’s Play and Learn software is based on developmentally appropriate (ages three to five) concepts and encourages children to learn through exploration. Cosmo, the software’s virtual robot, playfully guides children though a playground where they can learn and have fun at the same time. The company’s patented, advanced interface core technology will be distributed in clinical, education and consumer markets serving children with and without disabilities who are at the developmental age of two to eight years old.


Useful reading materials for beginning and advanced readers. (These books are sometimes available on Ebay.)


These handwriting exercises consist of simple yet repetitive writing patterns (straight and curved lines) set to music to relax the participant and add rhythm to his or her movements. The exercises improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and handwriting. Each exercise takes about two minutes and should be repeated daily.


The Giant Pegboard or Playful Patterns from this educational toy company can provide children with hours of fun while they improve their fine motor, creativity and problem solving skills.


Dolch words are the 220 most common sight words taught to children in preschool through third grade. Because these words, which form from 50 to 75 percent of all words used in reading, do not sound like their spelling, decoding skills cannot be used to learn them.


Earobics are used to enhance phonemic awareness as well as phonological processing. Usually available through the school system, but parents are able to purchase home activities for ages four to seven. Work on that until the child has good success, then gradually transition to the version for ages seven through 10. Any subtests the child attempts to avoid are the ones of particular importance for fostering optimal development.


Used to optimize reading function. See if it’s available through your school system.


These informational and diagnostic videos are helpful in identifying the early red flags for developmental delays and autistic spectrum disorders.


Created by speech-language pathologists these books are excellent for use with children who have apraxia, autism, speech delay and motor speech disorders.


These products are helpful to use at home for preschool through grade five.


Used to develop ideas and organize thinking, this software supports visual thinking techniques and enables students to create and learn to write compositions. The program can be used at home and at school.


Children with Sex Chromosome Disorders and/or Developmental Dyspraxia need this repetitive motor planning experience in order to facilitate learning the very basic skills.


Type in a key word and appropriate activities will be listed. Especially useful is an analogy-based Hangman game.