Support the Foundation

Please help The Focus Foundation—and the children it serves—by making a financial contribution to our efforts. Your contribution will fund research that will help with the early identification and treatment of children who have X & Y Variations, Developmental Dyspraxia and/or Dyslexia. Monies raised will also be used to foster the development of treatment programs, establish scholarships and promote awareness of these three conditions.

**As a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, contributions made to the Focus Foundation, Inc., are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

XY Variations donations

Other Ways to Help and Stay Informed About Our Work:


You shop. Amazon gives. Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to The Focus Foundation Inc when you shop at


We’re always looking for creative ways to raise awareness about The Focus Foundation and the children we serve. Please contact us if you’d like to assist by hosting a donor dinner, cocktail party, or some other kind of information session or fundraiser.


If your employer will match your charitable contributions, please select The Focus Foundation as the recipient of such matching grants. You can also speak with your financial adviser about ways you can best make contributions to The Focus Foundation.

Our Monthly Awareness Activities


Fundraise! That’s right, Fundraising is at the core of The Focus Foundation’s research and advocacy efforts. Find something that interests you and put your own touch on it to raise fun, funds awareness!

Spread Awareness

Spread awareness through Facebook and Twitter — That’s right spreading awareness can be as simple as “sharing” our Facebook page with others or posting a link about the Focus Foundation.

Print & Distribute

Print and Distribute our informational brochure to your colleagues, classmates, friends, neighbors and visit your local doctors office.

Request a Proclamation

Request a proclamation from your Governor’s office – check out our E-guide for how to request a proclamation today.

Email or Write

E-mail or write to your local radio stations and ask them to mention X &Y Chromosomal Variation Awareness month on-air or a letter to your local newspaper and tell them about Chromosomal Variations and our Awareness Month.

Create a YouTube Video

Create a YouTube video that explains an aspect of XXY, 48XXXY, 49XXXXY or other variations in a unique way. Share the link with us on Facebook.

Contact Community Facilities

Contact your community’s hospitals, health care facilities, and health care professional associations, and ask them to feature X&Y Chromosomal Variation Awareness Month in their newsletters and to display brochures in their waiting rooms or reception areas.

Worship or Community Center

If your place of worship or community center has a weekly bulletin, website, or bulletin board where they post information about community events and activities, ask if they’ll include information about X & Y Chromosomal Variation Awareness month and any activities or fundraisers that you may be hosting.

Donate Online

Donate online to help support research.