My son was two when we noticed some differences in our son alongside other children. At the time, our pediatrician was skeptical that there was anything wrong with our child, even though he had speech delay, gross motor delays, sensory issues and social difficulties. She actually said to me, “You are thinking too much.” I replied that there may be something tying all these symptoms together and demanded full testing. After the blood test, my son was diagnosed with XXY. We soon went to see Dr. Sprouse. We live outside of the United States, so travel and expense was no small feat. I have to say that seeing Dr. Sprouse was the best thing we ever did. Not only was she able to give us information about XXY, but she was also able to diagnose my son with dyspraxia (something we never heard of). She was able to test my son cognitively and physically and give us syndrome-specific issues to target. Because of lack of services and funding in our community, our son was being denied help because he was deemed “not severe” by professionals who knew nothing about XXY. Dr. Sprouse was instrumental in helping us access services. She spoke directly to our therapists and was able to convince them to double my son’s therapy time. She was also able to speak directly to the issues XXY boys face. Now our therapists are motivated and better informed and we as parents are ecstatic with the results we have seen in our son after receiving help. I can’t thank Dr. Sprouse enough. When we were being shut out of any chance of getting help for our son, she was the only one willing to advocate for him. Now, we have reports and testing that we can share with all of my son’s doctors, therapists and teachers. Also we as parents feel better informed about how to best help our son through her support. I would highly recommend The Focus Foundation.