The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter November 2018

The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter November 2018

The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter
November 2018

In This Issue:

Fundraising Happenings
Science Around the World… See Where We’ve Been!
New Research Opportunities… Seeking Volunteers!
Upcoming Events
DeXY’s Corner

Our Promise:

For all families, The Focus Foundation promises to develop the latest and most innovative care. The Focus Foundation believes in novel and “out of the box” thinking that produces scientific breakthroughs that enable children with neurogenetic disorders to lead better and more fruitful lives.

The Focus Foundation is grateful for your support today and every day. Your efforts are helping ensure a brighter future for all of our children and we wish you love, happiness, and cherished memories throughout this entire holiday season.


Focus Foundation Article Included in the Top 20 Most Downloaded Papers

Our article in Prenatal Diagnosis: The Benefits and Limitations of Cell-Free DNA Screening for 47,XXY (Klinefelter Syndrome) has become one of the journal’s top 20 most downloaded papers in 2018 for Wiley publications!

  • The article raised the visibility of non invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) as a prenatal screening test for low risk mothers. NIPT will result in more boys being identified with 47, XXY, instead of the long diagnostic odyssey that more than 75% of families typically experience just to attain a diagnosis.
Congratulations to Dr. Sprouse on Her Outstanding Achievement of Acceptance into the International Women’s Forum.

The International Women’s Forum is an invitation only membership which connects the world’s most preeminent women of significant and diverse achievement. The IWF brings together an unprecedented global membership to exchange ideas, to learn and inspire, and to promote better leadership for a changing world. Members are committed to bettering global leadership today and cultivating women leaders of tomorrow. The Focus Foundation is so proud of you.


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