The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter February 2018 - The Focus Foundation

The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter February 2018

The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter
February 2018


Welcome New Board Members
Science is Moving Fast and Furiously
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DeXY’s Corner: Focus on Dental Health, Rhyming and Fine Motor Skills
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Our Promise:

For all families, The Focus Foundation promises to develop the latest and most innovative care. The Focus Foundation believes in novel and “out of the box” thinking that produces scientific breakthroughs that enable children with neurogenetic disorders to lead better and more fruitful lives.

The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter February 2018 - The Focus Foundation

Welcome New Board Members

We welcome Jacolyn Bucksbaum, BA, as a Board Member. She’s been passionate about The Focus Foundation since its start in 2005 as a co-founder. She is described as a fearless philanthropist with extensive experience with nonprofit foundations and has served on numerous boards, spearheading projects that shine a spotlight on the U.S. Ski Team, The Ounce of Prevention Fund and the Art Institute of Chicago. Her family foundation, focuses on early childhood development, Jewish education, the arts and civic organizations in Aspen and Chicago.

We also welcome George Stratts, BBA, as a Board Member. He is currently President and CEO of Lexington Insurance Company, a member AIG. George and his wife, Melissa have been the underwriters of Oktoberfest in Philadelphia for 7 years, committed to supporting The Focus Foundation’s mission to identify and help children with X & Y Chromosomal Variations, Dyslexia and/or Developmental Dyspraxia: “Because every child deserves the chance to succeed.” Many families are touched by chromosomal variations.

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