The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter Fall 2015 - The Focus Foundation

The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter Fall 2015

The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter
Fall 2015

It is our 10th Anniversary

After just 10 years, The Focus Foundation is recognized as one of the global leader in the field, working with the largest cohort of children with XY chromosomal variations in the world. LOOK WHAT YOU HELPED US ACCOMPLISH!

A decade ago, testing was rare, families had little hope, and had few places to turn for accurate information and receive help. Today we are eliminating the stigma, destroying the myths and changing lives around the world:

• Many physicians, professionals and families who once believed that boys with XXY were slow to learn, impaired in life and dependent on their families now understand that these boys have a hormonal deficiency that is treatable. AND, early is better!

• Non-verbal children with 48, XXXY and 49, XXXXY who have received treatment are verbal and talking — often and well!

• Teenagers who have been part of our group since infancy are playing sports, entering college, and assuming leadership roles in school

Physicians, clinicians, and families from England to Australia are requesting international clinics and conferences to help families and their health care providers understand our disorders.

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