The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter Fall 2014 Volume 4, Issue 2 - The Focus Foundation

The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter Fall 2014 Volume 4, Issue 2

The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter
Fall 2014
Volume 4, Issue 2

Dear Friends and Families,

We are preparing to mark the upcoming 10th anniversary of The Focus Foundation. In just a decade, each of you has helped to change the lives of children around the world, helping them realize the beautiful potential within each of us and giving parents and families hope and help.

Our research has made The Focus Foundation the go-to source on X and Y chromosomal disorders here in North America, Europe, and as far away as Australia. Leading scientists are requesting our slides to present at worldwide meetings to “enlighten medical doctors” on the benefits of Early Hormonal replacement and making the case for prenatal diagnosis. Our many published papers on early detection, treatment and recovery are changing the medical landscape.

Parallel with our research is our work, child by child, family by family, year by year, to help obtain services, advise and assist with medication, and provide educational and interventional strategies before symptoms manifest. The Focus Foundation works with the largest cohort of children with X and Y Chromosomal Variations in the world. Our work and our results are making dramatic differences for each child and each family.

Together, we are telling the story that chromosomal disorders are common, that there is treatment, and that it works if diagnosed early, when brains change the fastest.

There are no words to thank you all for your unwavering belief in our work and your generosity that funds its continuing progress. These successes are yours, and the future is amazingly exciting. We are close to our goals of universal testing and helping to create a different future for the next generation of children with these disorders and it is because of YOUR help, YOUR work and YOUR support. Thank YOU!

Our Greater Philadelphia Fundraising Committee has become a critical part of our fundraising team and their efforts shine through this incredible event. Oktoberfest “Under the Big Top!” was a great success! We were happy to see many families from the region, with more than 400 people in attendance. More than $200,000 was raised for The Focus Foundation, and the event was featured on FOX Philly news by reporter Jennaphr Frederick (visit to check out the story). It was a great night, and we hope to see you there next year! The Stratts family and the entire Oktoberfest committee has been wonderful—thank you!


Dr. Carole

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