The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter Fall 2012 Volume 2, Issue 2 - The Focus Foundation

The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter Fall 2012 Volume 2, Issue 2

The Magnifying Glass – A Newsletter
Fall 2012
Volume 2, Issue 2

Letter From Dr. Carole Samango-Sprouse


Summer has flown by here in Annapolis! It has been unbelievably hot and sunny and we are ready for fall to begin! Our summer was marked by weekly (or was it nightly?) runs to Dairy Queen, long lazy days on the beach (when we weren’t working hard of course!) or hiking in the mountains. Labor Day has come and gone and the hustle and bustle of a new season is upon us already.

The kids are back in school, homework has started and fall sports have begun. Here at The Focus Foundation our fall is already packed with fundraising events, presentations and new projects on increasing awareness, improving medical and developmental services and fostering early identification for all children with Dyslexia, XY Chromosomal Variations and Dyspraxia. We hope that you will join us if we are fundraising in your area or stay up to date with our Facebook page.

This Magnifying Glass has information on our upcoming Oktoberfest event, which was absolutely fabulous last year and is shaping up to be even bigger and better this year! The Stratts family has been hard at work for The Focus Foundation and we cannot thank them enough. We are so excited about the possibilities that this and other events will bring!

We will also be on the road throughout fall, presenting on our latest findings. We are gearing up to spread awareness and distribute our knowledge across the USA and in Europe. We are sharing our GREAT NEWS about your children, our treatments and most importantly our successes. Our science is also moving quickly with collaborations in the Netherlands, Croatia, Florida and California. We are partnering with scientists, private donors, and private corporations to make 2012 a banner year for the Focus Foundation!

Our conferences have proven to be as helpful as ever. This year’s 49 ers’ conference really blossomed with scientific endeavors in immunology, orthopedics, physical therapy, and neurocognition. We are working diligently to publish our findings as quickly as we can. These conferences are helping improving the care of all children with X and Y chromosomal disorders as we investigate the various systems.

We want to thank each and every one of you for your support of The Focus Foundation through sharing your information, knowledge and resources. With your help, The Focus Foundation has already achieved so much and we only hope to continue increasing awareness, ensuring appropriate care and fostering more innovative research for all our children! We hope the coming season brings you lots of joy, Halloween candy (remember to brush your teeth!) and good memories. Have a wonderful fall and enjoy the latest issue of The Magnifying Glass.


Dr. Samango-Sprouse

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