Spring Scavenger Hunt - The Focus Foundation

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Spring is here and we have some awesome scavenger hunt projects for kids!

Print or save the images below to start your scavenger hunts. Don’t forget to bring a pencil along to mark off the items.


This Spring Scavenger Hunt is great fun for younger kids to explore their local surroundings and to spend some time outdoors. Remember to bring a bag with you to collect any fun keepsakes you find.

Spring Scavenger Hunt - The Focus Foundation

This Nature Scavenger Hunt is a great boredom buster for older children. It allows for some fun learning, getting fresh air, and exploration of the outdoors (whether it is your own backyard or a local park). You can also modify the items to include local animals, nature, landmarks, and other interesting items. Don’t forget to bring a bag for any special items or treasures you collect during this fun nature scavenger hunt.


Spring Scavenger Hunt - The Focus Foundation

Creating your own scavenger hunt list is easy and fun as well. There are so many possible options available from local neighborhood landmarks, to indoor items, colors, and more. Make a specialized scavenger hunt for a child by taking into account their favorite colors, animals, toys, food, books, T.V. or movie characters, or any other interests.

We hope these scavenger hunts give you many fun times and some creative ideas for future activities.