Betty Flynn

Testing Administrator

Betty Flynn - The Focus Foundation Betty has been working with Dr. Samango-Sprouse for more than 7 years and works with all our patients. In addition to obtaining a Master’s Degree that has enhanced her abilities to contribute to the targeted treatment of our patients, Betty has had 37 years of varied and diversified professional experiences as an elementary school teacher with a local public school in Maryland. She has worked in general education for more than 26 years with children between 7 and 11 years of age. She then became a technology specialist at the elementary school level and taught classes on technology implementation. She was the coordinator for the Talented and Gifted program, as well as the Outdoor Education program. She is a creative and engaging member of our team. She especially enjoys the boys and girls who are challenging and require support during the extensive testing. Betty is a critical member of the team as we proceed with our various investigations on children with X and Y chromosomal variations.