Our youngest attends a weekly social skills group with Dr Samango-Sprouse.  She has offered guidance to his teachers and therapist in the school system. He has transformed.  His speech has changed from a few babbling words to 3 and 4 word sentences. He attends a regular kindergarten class with a personal assistant at our local elementary school. Our oldest no longer hates school.  Using a method of teaching prescribed by Dr. Samango-Sprouse, his reading, grades and confidence has greatly improved.  Although we are pleased with their progress, I do believe their accomplishments would be greater if they had been properly diagnosed and treated at a younger age.  A great deal of frustration could have been avoided with earlier diagnosis. I feel the intervention that Dr Samango-Sprouse has given us has brightened our children’s future.  We are grateful that The Focus Foundation has been able to make this possible.  For without those funds we would not have been able to continue this life changing therapy.