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DeXY’s Corner – February Apps for Kids

We have put together a list of apps for kids that enhance your children’s emerging skills and that they will absolutely adore.

  • Dora’s Rhyming Word Adventure focuses on your child’s emerging literacy skills. By matching rhyming words , your child will become aware of individual sounds (phonemes) in words and how they are sequenced and changed to make new words.
  • Practice rhyming using Dr. Seuss apps found at
  • Recognition of rhyming words is one of the first ways that a child demonstrates phonological awareness. In the Auditory Rhyming(AR) app the child must identify which word out of a field of three does not rhyme.
  • Use Word Grab Phonetics to blend sounds, build words, and create sets of rhyming words.
  • With Phonic Phil you can listen to the sounds and rhymes as words are created.
  • Simon Says – Classic All in One Vocal Memory Game for Kids HD is an addictive & super fun enhancement of the famous “Simon Says” game. This game features many educational and engaging activities including: colors, shapes, letters and numbers. Improves memory and concentration. Improves fine motor skills. Kids learn words, colors, alphabet, numbers and shapes. Ages 0 – 6
  • Busy Shapes provides fine motor skills along with visual and cognitive challenges. Ages 2 – 5
  • I Write Words focuses on handwriting and a fine motor skills to form letters properly.  Upper and lower case letters are included and students can see their own writing. When complete, a drawing appears. Ages 2 – 6.
  • Shape Builder educates & entertains with easy to move shapes that snap into place on top of silhouette puzzles. Each puzzle has 5 to 10 pieces & after positioning all of the pieces, the real image is revealed along with a professional voice recording of the word spoken. This app encourages cognitive thinking & fine motor skills plus exposes young minds to new music instruments, animals, produce, objects & the alphabet in a fun & engaging format with LOTS of sound effects!  Ages 3 – 6
  • The Dexteria app is a set of therapeutic hand exercises that improve fine motor skills and handwriting readiness in children and adults.
  • Dexteria Dots 2 is a fun, engaging, entertaining math App that also works on fine motor skills and visual tracking, brilliant! Ages 5 – 10