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Coming Across the Pond!

Coming Across the Pond!
We are very excited to announce our opening of the European X & Y Chromosomal program for Children and Families with 49, XXXXY sponsored by The Focus Foundation. We are planning to visit England December 2, 3 and 4 at Thornton Manor in Wirral, Cheshire, UK. Go online to see the accommodations at
We are receiving discounted rates on the rooms (50%) through the generosity of the family. Rooms are between 56 and 187 pounds.

  • On Friday, December 2 and Sunday, December 4 (limited number if needed)

Interview rotations of 40 minutes with special providers  including

  • Immunologist
  • Neurodevelopmentalist
  • Neurologist and Geneticist
  • Pediatric Physical Therapist
  • Physical Therapist for boys over 5
  • Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Presentations for all families on Saturday, December 3  starting at 9:30 a.m.
    • Topics: Speech and Language, Neurodevelopmental, Behavior, and Immunology
    • Includes lunch

The fee is 250 Pounds  and includes interviews, presentations and Saturday lunch. If you will only attend the Saturday conference, the fee is 100 pounds. Payment can be made at our website through PayPal at by using the donation button. Teresa will send a registration form and other information.

We would like registration and payment by Friday, November 4 in order to then arrange schedules. Let us know if you are interested and available to see us when we visit England. Please contact us through We are looking forward to seeing you very soon.